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About us

When I saw a great grey owl for the first time, sitting on the artificial platform we had built special for the bird the year before, I was extremely happy. At that moment, all I wanted was to share that happiness with somebody. I was overwhelmed with emotions but I was standing in the huge forest alone. How I wished that someone else could have been watching that rare bird, a precious forester, together with me! The owl began to nest regularly in the platform and during several years I showed it to many of my friends, birdwatchers and wildlifers. In 2015 I founded “Nestory Tours” and we started to organize owls and other birds watching tours regularly.


For many years we have been exploring locations where interesting birds live and we are ready to show them to you. Our routes are well planned and we know where and when a certain bird species is expected to be seen. We are excited to find birds for you and do our best to create a positive tour experience.


We take active part in nature protective activities and a large part of funds earned by the tours is spend on birds protection. Every year we place artificial nest platforms and boxes for owls and other rare birds. By now, we have placed about 1000 nest boxes and platforms that are used every year by hundreds of breeding pairs of more than 30 birds species, such as great grey, Ural and tawny owls, scops owl, osprey, roller, azure tit and other interesting and uncommon species.



Besides we arrange field checks to detect cases of birds dying on electrical transmission lines (ELT) and if so we apply further to environmental control authorities to oblige ELT owners to eliminate violations of environmental law. One of the locations we visit during owl watching tours, has become completely safe for birds after we applied to environmental prosecutor's office and they obliged the ELT owner to equip the constructions with bird protective devices. Before we used to find there various raptors died from electrical shock. In our country millions of birds die on ELT every year and we make all the possible to reduce the amount.



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